Daniel Cervantes

R. Daniel Cervantes Villagrana

My academic background includes a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemical Biology from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, a M.S. in Neuropharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics from Cinvestav, Coapa, and a Ph.D in Pharmacology at Cinvestav, Zacatenco.

I am interested in studying tumor angiogenesis and the formation of metastatic niches. During my Ph.D. studies I analyzed the communication between bone marrow-derived cells and tumor cells and the molecular basis of cell migration with emphasis on signaling mechanisms activated by Gi-coupledon chemotactic receptors. I am currently investigating how RhoGEFs (P-REX1 and RGS-RhoGEFs) control tumor and endothelial cell migration induced by heterotrimeric G proteins and the Met receptor activated by HGF.

In addition to science, I enjoy listening and composing music (rock / metal and classical music are my favorite genres). Reading and movies about mythology, history, science fiction, unusual events and criminal cases are my favorite hobbies.

Sendi Rafael Adame García

I’m a Pharmacist from Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM).

During my doctoral project I studied the regulation of RacGEF P-REX1 by the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA), eventually leading us to identify a novel mechanism for the dual modulation of P-REX1 activity through direct interactions and phosphorylations by PKA regulatory and catalytic subunits, relevant for the prostaglandin-dependent endothelial cell migration.

Today, I´m a posdoc in the lab and my research interest focus on the GPCR  RhoGEF signaling that control the assembly of adhesive structures involved in the local degradation of Extracellular matrix, particularly on the context of the migration of cellular populations that promote the metastatic process in cancer.

Ph.D. Students  

Alejandro Castillo Kauil

I am a pharmaceutical chemist & biologist graduated at the Autonomous University of Yucatán.

As a Ph. D. student, my work focuses on determining the molecular and cellular changes promoted by Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factors (RhoGEFs) in cellular signaling processes that lead to pro-angiogenic response, some of the RhoGEFs of my interest are PLEKHG5, RGS-RhoGEFs, ITSN, NGEF and their closest homologues.

Experimental strategies to achieve the objectives of my work involve generation of constitutively active RhoGEFs variants, their overexpression in endothelial cells and inhibition of endogenous expression thereof.

In addition to my interest in the lab, I have great love for movies, gastronomy and travel.

Víctor Manuel Color Aparicio

I am from Ichupio, a small Purépecha community at Michoacan state.

I am a Ph.D. student elucidating the role of RhoJ regulators on bone marrow derived cells (BMDCs) contribution to tumor progression. Activators of RhoJ are relevant targets in tumor angiogenesis.

My favorite hobbies are reading books, movies (mainly action and science fiction), sports especially soccer and basketball-ball.


Irving García Jiménez

 I obtained my B.S. in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry at the Autonomous University of Guerrero and my M.S. in Pharmacology at Cinvestav. In February, 2017, I started my Ph.D. in Cell Biology. My thesis focuses on ARHGEF17, a RhoGEF whose expression is increased in tumor endothelium. I aim to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of this RhoGEF and its role in tumor angiogenesis.


Yarely Mabell  Beltrán Navarro

I graduated at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa as pharmaceutical chemist & biologist.

I’m interested in signal transduction from a pharmacological point of view to understand relevant pathways controlling cell migration and angiogenic processes and to identify potential pharmacological targets.

I obtained my Master in Science degree in Pharmacology in 2018 and I’m currently a Ph.D. student. My project focuses on the characterization of P-REX1 as a scaffold and effector of the Gbetagamma-PI3Kgamma-mTORC2-AKT signaling pathway that participates in cell migration. P-REX1 is a Rac GTPase GEF and contains several domains that interact with various proteins, functioning as a signaling node and exacerbating the signal transduction, which activates the RacGEF itself and increases cell migration. Understanding this macromolecular complex will set the basis for pharmacological intervention aiming to control aberrant cell migration.

As hobbies I love going to the movies and listening to music.

M.S. Students

Yazmín Torres Santos

I studied chemical pharmaceutical and biologist at the Veracruzana University. I'm originally from a small town south of Veracruz called Jáltipan de Morelos.

I'm interested in understanding the signaling pathways involved in cellular migration and metastasis that is why in my Master's project I´m studying the transduction axis S1P1/P-REX1/Rac1, and how the GEF might be regulating signaling sphingosine-1-phosphate in magnitude and temporality.

My hobbies; I enjoy going to amusement parks, movies, and beaches.